OutMapper BETA


OutMapper - Video Mapping the World's Outdoors

What is OutMapper™?

OutMapper is a video sharing platform, which allows you to share and match outdoor videos to a map.

Our goal is to provide the support for video mapping of the World's Outdoors.

We believe that one day, all roads, trails, pathways, railways, waterways and air routes will be video mapped by the people, using videos captured on their dash- and outdoor cameras.

You can share videos of your routine drive, ride, walk, hike, run, wilderness exploration or adventure.

Record and upload transit, transportational and recreational route videos by:

Ground Water Air
- Roads, trails, pathways,
- Railroads.
- Rivers and/or river banks,
- Lake banks,
- Seashores...
- High, medium and low altitude flights and glides.
captured from:
- Trucks, cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, bicycles...
- Trains,
- On-foot (hikers, runners, joggers...).
- Large and small boats,
- Canoes, kayaks...
- Aircrafts (airplanes, helicopters, motor kites...),
- Drones,
- Kites, paragliders, parachoutes...

OutMapper Applications

You can use OutMapper to tour countryside and the cities, by playing road, trail and pathway videos. You can explore, beforehand, places worth seeing in person. You can play a video of your future trip, observe road conditions, and make a note of interesting viewpoints and stopovers.

But we envision more interesting OutMapper applications.

OM Gym

With OM Gym, you will be able to walk, hike, jog or run any track in the world, without leaving your gym or your room. You will be able to bike any trail, or row any waterway. The motion speed of your training device will be fed to OM Gym, which will play and adjust the video speed to your motion speed. You will have the outdoors of any corner of the world, played on your screen, in front of you.

OM TripTrack

With OM TripTrack, your friends will be able to see what you see around yourself on your trip. You will be able to share your mobile device location to OM TripTrack, allowing them to play existing video of your route on their screen, at your position and your speed.

OM Aero

With OM Aero, you will be able to enjoy the scenery below, at any weather conditions, day or night. A video of your fly route, with a map, will be available to you as an airplane passenger on that route. You will be able to watch on the screen, and relate to the map, all mountain peaks, rivers, lakes, or places below you.

OM Navigator

With OM Navigator, you will be able to play the trip route video from your car computer. It will show you on your car screen, at any conditions, what the route looks like in a daylight. You will be able to play it in a real time, or even some time ahead. It will navigate you to your destination, but instead of viewing a map, you will be able look at the video and relate to the surroundings easier. Instructions on where to make a turn, will feel much more natural.

If you feel that OutMapper and its applications could be useful to you and others, feel free to share videos and spread the word.


OutMapper Team